Farm Animals

The Funny Fire Engine is taking a ride from the fire station into the country side. Passing lots and lots of funny farm animals, it looks like an amusing day for our little fire truck. Join the funny fire truck for toddlers and kids, and check out the happy pigs, the egg laying hen, the proud horse, lots of cows and some fluffy sheep. We might also spot a mouse or two, a blue tractor, and some beautiful cars.

Fire Truck - The Pilot
Fire Truck - Super Bert and the c
Fire Truck - Flower Meadow
Fire Truck - Aase's Death
Fire Truck - Racing the Train
Fire Truck - Fire Truck Sounds
Fire Truck - Hall of the Mountain
Fire Truck - Anitra's Dance
Fire Truck - Morning Mood
Fire Truck - City Ride
Fire Truck - Outer Space
Fire Truck - Count the Numbers