Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Fire Truck. Check out this classic children痴 song. We致e made our very own version of the classic nursery rhyme, a real fire truck children痴 song for pre-school kids. Do your kids and toddlers like real fire truck fun? In that case, this fire truck video for kids will certainly be a hit! Get your daily dose of fire truck songs with the Funny Fire Engine.

Fire Truck - The Pilot
Fire Truck - Aase's Death
Fire Truck - Racing the Train
Fire Truck - Fire Truck Sounds
Fire Truck - Super Bert and the c
Fire Truck - City Ride
Fire Truck - Flower Meadow
Fire Truck - Morning Mood
Fire Truck - Count the Numbers
Fire Truck - Anitra's Dance
Fire Truck - Hall of the Mountain
Fire Truck - Construction Machine