Falling from the Moon

Fire truck fans: This is the last episode of season 1. The Funny Fire Engine has a fantastic dream! From an adventure on the moon, the fire truck falls all the way down to planet earth. On it's way, it passes the stars, a rocket, a satelite, airplanes, the skies and lots of clouds, helicopters, an airship, a hot air ballon, a flying pig, birds and a butterfly. It's not really a hard landing. Cars, farm animals, a train, fresh fruit, and flowers helps to soften the landing. Have fun with the funny fire engine for kids and toddlers. Take a ride with your favourite fire truck.

Fire Truck - The Pilot
Fire Truck - Super Bert and the c
Fire Truck - Flower Meadow
Fire Truck - Aase's Death
Fire Truck - Racing the Train
Fire Truck - Fire Truck Sounds
Fire Truck - Hall of the Mountain
Fire Truck - Anitra's Dance
Fire Truck - Morning Mood
Fire Truck - City Ride
Fire Truck - Outer Space
Fire Truck - Count the Numbers