Old MacDonald had a Farm

Yes he did! And if old MacDonald was a fire truck it is now official: Fire Engine had a farm. Your kids and toddlers will probably already be big fans of both the classic nursery rhymes and big, red fire trucks. Find the funniest fire truck videos for kids with the Funny Fire Engine. Find our free fire truck songs and videos and much more on funnyfireeengine.com.

Fire Truck - The Pilot
Fire Truck - Aase's Death
Fire Truck - Racing the Train
Fire Truck - Fire Truck Sounds
Fire Truck - Super Bert and the c
Fire Truck - City Ride
Fire Truck - Flower Meadow
Fire Truck - Morning Mood
Fire Truck - Count the Numbers
Fire Truck - Anitra's Dance
Fire Truck - Hall of the Mountain
Fire Truck - Construction Machine